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    My cardiologist referred me to Dr. Huang because of a bad right knee and complications from rheumatoid arthritis. Today was my first visit which involved paperwork, x rays and examination by the doctor. The receptionist, nurse/technician and the radiology technician were caring, professional and were very nice and respectful. Dr. Huang, after looking at the film's and my history decided that the knee needs replacement which I expected. I was VERY impressed with the doctor. Very direct but concerned. Great personality and pleasant. Explained every aspect of what he felt would be best for me and also what he could not do for my left knee. Very cautious with my health history and wanted clearance from all my doctors before scheduling surgery. In summary, I was VERY impressed. One of the most pleasant physicians I have met and a welcome addition to my personal health care team. I have no concerns about him operating on my knee. One suggestion however. Get an online portal to fill out the paperwork before the first visit. Other than the paperwork, it was a very pleasant experience.
    - F C
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • University of Southern California
  • Scripps Clinic