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    Last year, my 63 yr old husband's hip stability had deteriorated so badly, he was in constant pain and discomfort. Not only was our favorite hobby (hiking) impeded, just everyday life was becoming difficult. He received a hip replacement on Aug. 19 and by Nov. 14th had healed and physically recovered well enough to climb into our deer stand opening morning. Fast forward to a year post op and he often forgets he ever had it replaced. He is back to daily exercise and activity better than ever before. Our lives were completely transformed by the total success of this procedure and we have Dr. Huang's expertise and skill to thank for that. Husband's surgery was a little unique due to a previous catastrophic femur break 40 years ago....and Dr. Huang expertly incorporated special "parts" to accommodate that. The entire experience with him and his wonderful staff was professional and caring....from pre-op to surgery day to post-op appointments. He not only has our earnest recommendation to anyone seeking this procedure, but our genuine gratitude and respect.
    - Morgan W
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • University of Southern California
  • Scripps Clinic